Funding, Scale-up & Cybersecurity

We assist DeepTech companies using SpaceTech solve their three main needs: obtain funding to develop their products, use product-market fit to scale-up, and improve their cybersecurity stand against threat actors.

coached/mentored start-ups
supported SMEs & Enterprises
in raised funds for our customers
in additional funds to be raised by the end of 2025


Helix Space helps you obtain national (e.g., Luxembourg Space Agency, Belgian Space Office), intergovernmental (e.g., European Space Agency, European Union Space Agency) or private (e.g. Angel Investors, Venture Capital) funding to develop your product. We provide the following services:

  • Analyse and identify public grants/tenders/private investors that fit your requirements.
  • Create or guide you in the preparation of the Business Plan, Cost Sheets, Financial Model and Pitch Deck material required by the public procurement agency/private investor.
  • Review and determine if there are any gaps in the technical, legal, and management material prepared by your team.
  • Review and determine if there are any gaps in the technical, legal and management material prepared by your team.
  • Assist you during the negotiation phase with the public procurement agency/private investor.
  • Join you during the subsequent project phases to make sure your development complies with the public tender/private investor project requirements.


Helix Space uses standard industry frameworks (e.g., Strategyzer’s Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas) and methodologies (e.g., Lean Start-up, Agile) to make sure your new product arrives on time to the market, and generates the sales and profits you need to grow and scale-up your business. We help and/or guide you through the following tasks:

  • Value proposition design
  • Market analysis and assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business model
  • Go to market strategy
  • Product development roadmap
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Financial model, sensitivity analysis and scenarios.
  • Commercial risk analysis
  • Business/Technical partner mapping & networking
We can do this as part of your existing product development budget, or as part of a publicly-funded project.


Helix Space assesses or audits your cybersecurity stand based on internal or external requirements.

We provide the following cybersecurity services so you can achieve your business goals:

  • Cybersecurity risk assessment using standard frameworks (e.g., National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework).
  • State-of-the-Art Analysis (e.g., satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)).
  • Improve your cybersecurity stand via Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), vulnerability scanning of networks, and auditing based on internal or external requirements (e.g., NIST Internal Report (IR) 8401).

R&D: Space Translational Medicine

The mission of Helix Space is to use existing and future research infrastructure on Earth’s orbit to develop and commercialize biomolecules, biomaterials, and nutritional supplements for preventive and therapeutic management of human and veterinary diseases on Earth. We are currently working on the following:

  • Setting up a partner network with leading public research institutions in Luxembourg and surrounding countries.
  • Identifying potential sub-contractors and suppliers for our first space-based, Direct to Consumer product.


Since 2022, Helix Space is a Private Research Institution accredited by the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg.


About us

Helix Space is a Luxembourgish company that started operations on May, 2022, and leverage’s on our founder’s 30+ years of experience in the Space and ICT industries.

We serve DeepTech companies using SpaceTech, in particular in the fields of Space Resources, Ground Segment virtualization, cloudification, downstream applications, big data, AI, ML and  space systems.

Our office is located at the Regus building in Livange, and it is easy to reach via car (A3 highway), or multiple bus lines.


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